Make Macro in Copy Paste from 1 calc to Another calc

Dear All

Can somebody help me to use macro in Libre, because in my office must use the Libre, before l use excell. and l really dont understand to use macro in Libre. My job have routine activitas, so l think must simple if l use macro, so please HELP.

  1. I wont to copy paste from FeedMasterProd02 to Buku Besar Square Cage 2022
    for example = Row D8 : T8 (FeedMasterProd02) to Sheet NA01 (Buku Besar Square Cage 2022). And same like D9 until D117

  2. l wont FeedMasterProd02 change to format for the example like l attach file with name PG 009 TANGGAL 27 Sept 2022 with macro

Below l attech the folder
09. PG 009 TANGGAL 27 Sept 2022.ods (18.6 KB)
BUKU BESAR SQUARE CAGE 2022.ods (801.3 KB)
FeedMasterProd02.ods (34.7 KB)

really need your help.
Please coment and give me solution.

Let us make what you want clearer for item #2.

  1. Do you mean you want the pretty formatting like the color blue in FeedMaster to be removed and look simple like in TANGGAL, do you want to do the opposite and make TANGGAL look pretty, or do you just want the columns from FeedMaster to “move” to where they are in TANGGAL?

Merge sheets of spreadsheet documents

Thanks for your replay.
l wont to be a new format like in TANGGAL