Match Cells conditional format background.

Please need help with Match Cells conditional format, please see attached file for example
How do I color background in G23 when it matches EXACT number in ROW M8:M17

Match Conditional Formating Match Cell 09-16-2018.ods

M8:M17 isn’t ROW. Please write your question more clear

Use the following formula for conditional formatting: =MATCH(G23;$Sheet1.$M$8:$M$17;0)

Thank you for the reply,
I’m looking to change the background color when column G numbers match column M

This script shows only numbers that match and omits everything else.

I have a set of numbers in Column G & M, if G matches numbers in M then the background cell will change color

This is what i need. changing background

I found a work around but I have to create a conditional formatting for each cell
G23 = M8 color green
G23 = M9 color green

Are you looking for $G$23=M8 ?