Merging multiple invoices in a payment reminder from Calc to Writer


I want to send payment reminders to our customers who are overdue payment deadline. We currently use MS Office but my problem is that in the “excel” database every invoices for a customer is a differrent line. So with mail merge every invoice would be a differrent email. I’ve found a program that can merge multiple invoices in one word but I was wondering if Libre Office is able to to this by default? If yes coul someone give me a guide how can I do this?

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Welcome @Kolos0090 !
No, LibreOffice has not such default feature.

With a true database and the LibreOffice Base component, it would be a solvable problem to bundle unpaid invoices in reminders.
There is plenty of professional accounting software, where all this has been resolved since decades.

Yeah I know. But our accounting program is very unprofessional and sadly we have to still use it this year.

In which kind of database does your accounting program store its data? Possibly, you can connect a Base document to it and then generate the invoices/reminders as Base reports or Writer documents.

A suggestion, but haven’t tried it myself:

  • use your Excel sheet, or CSV file, as a datasource for a Base file;
  • create a query which groups the entries in the way you want;
  • use that query as your mail merge source.

You can’t group nor aggregate file based databases such as spreadsheet, text, dBase. However, you can use the reporting engine for the grouping. However, this does not solve the problem that a reminder record may refer to many invoices.
If the accounting program is founded on a connectable database engine, everything would be solvable with some SQL.

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To complement my initial comment (no such default feature), it is of course possible to build a sheet with a few formulas to get one record per supplier. In the attached example, the only requirement is that the list is sorted by SupplierCode (Column A). The rightmost column contains one record per supplier.
MailmergeInvoices.ods (14.9 KB)

sheetbase.odb (8.1 KB)
data.ods (36.5 KB)
data.ods is the pseudo-database.
sheetbase.odb is a database document connected to data.ods. Put them in the same directory in order to preserve the connection.
The query selects all due invoices.
The report within the database document is made from the query and prints one reminder per client with the client’s due invoices with reminder date, invoice dates, invoice amounts and total amount.