Message: cannot find /org.openoffice.Office.Common/Path/Info

I have a macro that used to work very reliably, but for some reason, it’s now getting hung up. The line

oRegistryKeyContent = oConfigProvider.createInstanceWithArguments(“”, aNodePath())

Keeps throwing a runtime error of Type:

FYI, that line is preceded by

dim aNodePath(0) as new
With aNodePath(0)
.Name = “nodepath”
.Value = “/org.openoffice.Office.Common/Path/Info”
End With

And I’m running LO

I’m attaching a writer document that includes the macro. The problem arises in the SelectFile function, which is triggered by the IssueDocument, ReviewDocument, or EditDocument Macros. I’m open to anyone who has a better approach to what I’m accomplishing (or trying) with the contents of this module.
Macro File Selection example.odt (11.4 KB)

If it was working previously (whatever “very reliably” implies), it’s a regression. Please open a bug report at And mention the previously working LO version, if you know it, apart from the “Help >> About LO” data.

I’ve rolled LO back to a version where I know where it was working. It works without any changes to my macros. So, as @jmux suggested, I went ahead and filed a bug report for the regression. I’m trying to do a workaround by having two versions installed in parallel.