'mkdir' Error While Installing LibreOffice 'Desktop-Integration'

I am running LibreOffice on Fedora 18. When I try to install the LibreOffice desktop-integration rpms:

su -c 'yum install *freedesktop*.rpm'

, it installs fine but I get an error while installing:

mkdir: cannot create directory 'usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache':Not a directory
mkdir: cannot create directory '/usr/share/icons/hicolor/index.theme': Not a directory

When I open up nautilus to view what these files are, I find that they are the .theme and theme cache files for the hicolor icon theme.
I do not know if this connects to this error, but also when I open LibreOffice it looks ugly kind of like the error ‘LibreOffice looks ugly in KDE’, it does not match the ‘Adwaita’ theme.

Hi @camtheman256,

Are those .rpms something produced by LibreOffice or by Fedora?


Per this question, the freedesktop RPMs should work on various distro variations, including Fedora:

Looks like other people have noticed this problem and filed a bug:

  • fdo#52992 - freedesktop-menus RPM package cannot create directory - NEW

Your best bet is to follow that bug (put yourself in the CC List to get an email update whenever there’s a new comment added).

Good luck!

They are supplied by LibreOffice.com