mode to click cells to enter pre-defined values

I want to create a monthly planner in Calc where i can quickly fill up recurring events on different dates. I created a drop down with a list of events I want to fill. Now I would like to fill any cell i click within my chart to take the value I have selected in my drop down. Is this possible?
It would be good if I can enter this mode and exit this mode also, so that I can also add non recurring events which I can type into the correct cell.
Through searching I found other possibilities - like changing a cell value on clicking a button, but haven’t found something like this.
Any help/ pointer to previous solution would be appreciated

Hi @harsha and welcome!

If you ask “Is this possible?” then answer is “Yes, of course!”

If you know cell address of your drop down then you can get value or text from this cell.

If you have a value then you can set it to any other cell.

If you want to do it with mouse - see (for example) here

If you have troubles with your project then show it and ask about problem.

If you wait that here anybody make this monthly planner then sorry

Hi thanks was able to get it working with the link you pasted.