Moderation of Post

Hi. I’ve posted a question and it has been hanging in the forum since with “This post is awaiting moderation.” What does this mean?

i’ve done the same thing…and no one seems to be moderating…how does one get their question moderated in a timely fashion…i waited SIX HOURS, for a question to be looked at…then I deleted the post, re-asked the question, and i’m STILL waiting. Hello Mr/Mrs/Ms. Moderator!!! Are you listening…>???


See RFO reply to Q58521 to understand some of why this has happened (in a nutshell, episodes of extreme spamming dating from August 2015 mean that all questions from new folks are now placed into a pre-moderation queue).

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I have the same problem. Basically it means your post still has to be verified by administrators/moderators. They scan your post for inappropriate content and if all is okay, they release your post for public viewing.