My calc in Write become a big blue Puzzle Piece

This pictures was my calc I put in LibreOffice Write, When I saved the files it become a big Puzzle piece. What do I do for recover my calc and all my data in it ?

Hello - you have a problem and are looking for help. That’s what this site is about, but please understand no one willing to help is able to provide a sound answer without some information about your environment. Thus please provide:

  • Operating System (Windows, Linux, macOS) and its version?
  • LibreOffice version?
  • How did you create the Calc (OLE) Object?
  • Is it embedded or linked to a file?
  • Did you try to double click the object?
  • Have you checked View -> Images and Charts (inconsistently also called [x] Images and objects in Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Writer -> View -> Section: Display ?

It was make on Windows with the latest version of LibreOffice. The calc created by the insert, object, OLE with no file linked. I try to double click, tiple click infinite click but nothing. And I tried the last option you said and still nothing…

on Windows

Aha - thanks god there is only one version

latest version of LibreOffice

I hear that version number pretty often, but can’t download. All I can find follows some x.y.z naming convention

Guidline special