My Calc Printout Font Way Too Small

When I print out my print range in Calc I get an incredibly tiny font. Can’t read it. Didn’t used to to do this. Now it does. I can’t find how to control this. Anyone know?

In the menu Format > Page Style > Sheet you might have Fit print range(s) on number of pages set to 1.

Try changing the field Scaling Mode to Reduce/enlarge printout and set to 100%

If it then doesn’t quite fit, click File > Print Preview and adjust the slider to suit by seeing how much the page gets scaled. Note this won’t work if Scaling Mode is set to number of pages.

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My mistake. It was open in excel. No matter. I don’t care about excel. But when I open it in Calc I find I can’t even define the print range.
Or maybe I can. But print preview doesn’t show what I’ve defined.
It shows only two columns where I should have a great big one in the middle.
Can you advise me on that?
I just highlighted the area I wanted and did format/print range/define. ?


Page and printer setup in Calc

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