Navigation Pane and Collapsable Lists

Hi, two questions about LibreOffice Writer, the first one’s about Navigation Pane and the second’s about Collapsible Lists.

Question 1: Navigation Pane: How do I see a Navigation Pane of headings and subheadings, like MS Word has? I tried to follow the instructions given in a previous post about this (How do I view the Heading and Subheadings on the Left pane like in MSwords?) but came to a roadblock.

The issue: When I click the Navigation compass icon (label 1 in image below) and hover over Headings (label 2), I see a yellow message saying “0 headings,” even though I’ve added multiple headings (both heading 1 and heading 2 - see labels 3 and 4).

Why isn’t the Navigation displaying my headings?

Question 2: Collapsible Lists: MS Word allows you to collapse and expand lists and text underneath a given heading (see image below).

Is this a feature in LibreOffice Writer?

If so, how do I do it?

image description

Question 1: Navigation Pane

IMHO the Navigator is able to display each heading.

I used Heading 1-2-3 and each of them is displayed in the Navigator. Probably you have to expand the view. For better advice upload a sample file additional to screenshot.

Double click on heading in Navigator sets cursor to this location in document.


Question 2: Collapsible Lists

AFAIK (!) Writer can’t do.