Need help finding a document after a LibreOffice crash

After a LibreOffice crash while I had been working on a large document for several days, I found myself with a recovery of this same document which did not correspond to my last work on it. This was a backup made about 20 hours ago.

I decided to look in the advanced options and backups without success, falling back on this same backup. My hypothesis is that I made the mistake of not manually saving my file, absorbed by my work and that the crash caused me to lose this automatic backup carried out by LibreOffice.

I come to you to ask for help from the community on the possibility of finding this automatic save even if it no longer seems visible on LibreOffice anymore.

Thank you in advance for your possible response and have a good day, hoping that yours is better than mine :slight_smile:

For such a question, it is absolutely necessary to name the OS. While at if add LO version and save format.
Usually, the cure is in the OS: most file browsers have advanced search features.

Oh yes sorry for this mistake, my OS is Windows 10 Familly x64 and my version of LO is the 6.1, thank you, any more informations can help :sweat_smile:

For MS Windows you can try this.