New Calc spreadsheet opens with data already in it

Hi everyone, this has got me and my colleague stumped. I’m using LibreOffice version on a Windows 7 PC. I’ve not used my LibreOffice since February, and I’ve just opened a new spreadsheet in Calc, and it already contains data. Specifically, it contains data that I entered into a spreadsheet back in February.

I long ago deleted the file that contained this data, but it’s there in the new document, whether I open Calc from the Programs menu, or whether, with Calc already open, I go File > New > Spreadsheet (or Ctrl+N). The new file is headed “Untitled 1” (or “2” or whatever), but other than that contains the same data and Sheet Label as the old file.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling LibreOffice but it still happens, which makes me think that it’s originating somewhere other than LibreOffice itself. Has anyone else ever come across this? I’ve had a search online but there’s nothing that I can find.

Please let me know if my question is unclear; I’m happy to supply a screengrab if it helps.

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Maybe in February you saved that file as template?

And it became the default template. Try the link below for guidance to switch back to a blank template/file.

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Thanks so much m.a.riosv and Rugslug, I had suspected it might be something like that, but as with the person in the Question you linked to, I don’t remember setting any templates previously - I must have done it by mistake.

The solution to reset a blank SS as the default template worked great, and it was nice to see that it didn’t only happen to me. :slight_smile: