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I’m sure ( but maybe I imagined it) that the extensions list used to give a list of new stuff,so that users could see if there was anything… err new since the last time they looked through them. Which is kind of essential because unless we are searching for something very specific we can’t know what the potential is. And maybe we can look through everything to see what’s possible once. But we can’t do that over and over. So if something new is added we won’t know.
What happened? Why is there no list of new extensions? Is it because there are embarrassingly few?


Thanks, I’ve looked at that. All I see is a list of categories with some rectangles carrying a few add-ons, some with dates but none in date order.

Within the categories (“tags”) it’s similar. No consistent dating or ordering As in this screenshot.

(edit: activated screenshots)

As far as I understand, newer extensions are simply listed on the top of the list on the extension page with a year-month indication in the lower right angle. Thus, no need of a separate list. And yes, new extensions are not produced every day.

Is it because there are embarrassingly few?

If you have this opinion, you should know that Project LibreOffice is mainly based on the work of volunteers.
Basically, you are complaining that you are not participating.

It would be a great pleasure if you would collaborate and develop extensions and templates.

About » Extensions


Welcome to the LibreOffice Extension and Templates Repository.

This site did switch to a new platform on 2020-05-24, after a long feedback/trial phase.

See our blogpost for some background information Our new extensions and templates page is getting ready! - The Document Foundation Blog

Feel free to browse the list of extensions, and be aware that both the design as well as the functionality can still be improved according to your feedback!

As we’re a volunteer-driven, community project, we really appreciate any help – so if you want to give us a hand, consider joining our website mailing list and drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to have your own extension listed, the please see our guide on how to use the site as an extension maintainer.

I wish I had the skills to write extensions.
I’ve come back to this forum because I’m still puzzled by this. Newest extensions can now supposedly be selected by choosing the sorting order of display. Except it doesn’t follow that order even when selected. The sorted list appears to have a mixture of extensions from the current month and alphabetical names.
So if someone has put time and effort into creating a wonderful new extension the odds are that no one else will get to know about it unless it, and their use case, is niche enough for them to actively be searching for just that thing. This is not simple complaining. It is pointing out that access to extensions is essential to make them successful. And that starts with presenting them to established users who may not have anything specific in mind but want to see if there’s anything new to start using. We can then use them and tell people about them.

Does anyone know?
Does anyone care?
Is LO written for users to use, or as a vanity project for the devs? By all means do the latter, but then be honest and don’t try to pretend it’s for users.
If the former, try to respond to users questions ( if other users don’t have answers ) - or even better, don’t create confusions in the first place. I get it. This is free software- and very good too. But you still need to be responsive to users or else it becomes a sterile hobby.

You are barking at the wrong tree, if you think this is a developers forum.

Requests for enhancements go through bugzilla. See Feature Request in the intro for this site:

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I’m not reporting a bug, or even requesting a change. I have no interest in discussing developments, because, s noted, I wouldn’t know were to start… I’m a user, in this context, not a developer or a support manager or anything. Just some guy. But I do know what my experience as a (knowledgeable ) user has been.
It’s not even about the programme. It’s asking what’s going on with the site and hoping to get some explanation/justification for this strange half organised structure. Bugzilla is of no value in that context. A channel of communication would be.

Hi @Terry-in-Finchley, if you are interested in templates, in the Portuguese-Brazilian version we have the Escritório Aberto (Open Office), see here:

You can use Google translator

Thank you for your kind email. I am really interested in discovering new tools and functions that I might find useful, or interesting. But I am frustrated that this is hidden, as if the developers of the site do not want to show new items. This seems to be a common issue with Open Source software. Libre Office only reveals any new add-ons hidden among some very old and outdated items. Thunderbird makes it difficult to find the newest extensions. Firefox buries them even deeper and PaleMoon absolutely refuse to reveal when there is a new add-on. There is clearly something they all believe about extensions, but I can’t find what it is, or indeed understand why it might be.