New to linux/libreoffice. Trying to create a template

Hi, I’ve managed to create a new template with my choice of font/font size but try as I might I cannot change the font colour, which defaults to a dark red. It wouldn’t matter too much on screen but printouts look decidedly pasty-grey rather than black.

ajlittoz - I guess you are trying to be helpful but I am too new to Linux to give you the info you ask for. (I think ‘Ubuntu’ might answer one of your questions). distro? LO version? I don’t know what these terms mean.
I created my template by changing the font and font colour to what I wanted them to be. I then saved the file as a template and marked it as default. I then closed and re-opened writer and my chosen font was there as I expected but the font colour was still red, not black which I had chosen. I can’t figure what I did wrong

ajlittoz - LO version (see, quick learner eh?) is Template: x-special/nautilus-clipboard

Thanks for helping - it’s appreciated.

ajlittoz - I hope this is right bobs

Have you set Edit -> Track Changes -> Record (may be inadvertently typing shortcurt CTRL+SHIFT+C), though I wonder why it is dark red (Did you play around with colors in Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Writer -> Changes?)

So what are looking for help?

Linux! Which distro and version? Which LO version?

How did you create your template? How did you save it? How do you activate it?

Does your template contain a collection of style? (this is the primary role of a template)

Have direct-formatted (manual formatted) some part of your template or document? This prevents changes to styles to become visible.

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If you don’t know how to describe all your actions, attach your template file to your question (the tool for that is the paperclip).

distro = distribution. Ubuntu, OK.

LO (=LibreOffice) version: accessed via Tools>About LibreOffice. Simplest way is to copy what’s there and paste it in a new edit.

If you can’t figure what you did wrong, attach your template to your question. We’ll analyse it.

@xxBobCxx:you merely quoted the template file name in your edit. This does not upload it. To attach the file, press first the paperclip icon in the small toolbar of the editing area.

Thanks to the new Style Inspect in 7.1.x, it is possible to analyse what you’ve done without complicated methods.

You changed manually font face and perhaps size in the empty paragraph at start of the document. You may also have changed font colour with the toolbar button. You then saved the document as a template.

Since you did neither of:

  • change any built-in style (paragraph or character)
  • add custom style
  • modify Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (Western)

your changes are worth only as long as you add text to the initial empty paragraph. They are not considered permanent changes. This means your template is not different than the default one and has no effect.

Creating a template requires you to learn how to use styles because a template is mainly intended to host style customisation. It may also provide initial content for your new documents but this is less important than style changes.

For a first approach to style usage and possibilities, read the relevant chapters in the Writer Guide.

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In addition to @ajlittoz :

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