New user - excel spreadsheet edits not being saved properly

I finally gave up on MS Office and have switched to Libre Office. My first usage involved opening up an Excel document, making a few changes and attempting to save the result.

This attempt failed. First, I got an error message telling me that I cannot save in Excel format. When I attempted to save the document in .ods format, the changes that I made were not saved properly. What am I doing wrong?

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If you work with LibreOffice permanently, you should definitely save in ODF format (Calc=ODS).

Some of the more prominent details useful for helpers (cf. @Hrbrgr’s request to “be as detailed as possible”):

  • What specific changes did you make?
    Not necessarily verbatim what you typed, but something like “changed some numbers”, “Added some data”, “Changed text color”, “Merged cells”, “Adjusted a formula”.
  • What exact error message did you get?
    Try to recreate the situation if possible. Failing that, try to remember the wording as detailed as you can.
  • Wich Excel format did you try to save?
    The old binary format and the new plain xml format - xls and xlsx, respectively - are supported by Calc. Other formats such as the macro-enabled (xlsm) or new binary (xlsb) are not.
  • What is the extent of “not saved properly”?
    Were some aspects of your changes saved to the ods file? What was kept and what was lost?
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Maybe your antivirus is blocking LibreOffice from writing to hard drive? See Defender Controlled folder access exception for LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Try adding soffice.bin to the Allowed List in your antivirus.

I will try to be more specific about my problem. First of all I will answer Hrbrgr’s questions
I am using Windows 11. Th LO version is 7.4

As for keme1’s questions, here goes.
The spreadsheet was one where I store logins and passwords. It was generated in Excel 2006. I edited a string that said something like this “john@ / Mary22!! /111-524-3697” .

I attempted to change the Mary portion to Mary555??. The original string of characters did not change in the saved version but the new text Mary555?? was saved in the next column.

If I typed the entire edited string in the new column it saved properly. In essence, the problem I have encountered involves editing a string of text in a location that already has some text.

I tried to save in .xlsx and .ods. Both had the same problem.

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