Newlines/blanklines render in preview, but not in final post

Newlines/blanklines render in the preview, but not in the final post. Periods or other characters have to be used to as a replacement for newline/blankline functionality. Example:

Preview renders newline/blankline above this line, but forum does not render it when this is posted.

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I guess never mind as it works at least for this post. This was happening a lot several weeks ago when posting in a tag in the English category. Wonder if anyone could enlighten me on if this changed or is still reproducible.

For questions and answers blank lines are rendered between paragraphs, for comments it’s not.

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This doesn’t seem to be the case any more as I did a now deleted test that had blank lines. Unless this is a question/answer thread and not a discussion thread where there are comments rather than answers in which case never mind.

Demonstration blank in case.

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Thank you: that is useful to know. It explains an apparent inconsistency that I had noticed but not fully tracked down.

My preference would be that things work the same everywhere – having different bahavious for different posts will feel disconcerting to some newcomers, and in my opinion an “ask” site should be even more friendly towards newcomers than other kinds of forums.

Your opinion may differ, and personally I can live with it as it is. I would therefore flag it as a “this would be nice” request than anything more urgent.

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