No possibility to customize the display of the new Moved track changes?

I recently upgraded to Libreoffice 7 and have noticed an additional markup in the Record Track Changes called Moved.

The moved text is bright green, with an additional double underline of the Moved (insertion) and a double strikethrough of the Moved (Deletion). However, I do not see the possibility to modify/customize the way the moved text is displayed in the usual settings (Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Changes).

Does any one knows how to customize this or to disable the tracking of moves?

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That’s exactly the problem that I am having. There should be a possibility to disable showing moved text or to customize the display of the moved track changes.

… and the solution is mentioned there in comment 6 :wink:. Without a request, you can’t expect the control to appear by itself :slight_smile:

This was already noticed in this question but OP forgot to mention the bug report number. So, I can’t check if it has been read by developers.

Bug report filed by @datka as tdf#152391

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