Nominate some recent documents as sticky so they stay at the top?

Is it possible to nominate some recent docs as “sticky” so they always show at the top of the list?

I find that, sometimes, my commonly used files have dropped off the list as I have, for example, opened several image files.

Thanks, Tony

PS running Version: under Linux Mint 18.1

Came to ask this same question. I work with a large number of different text documents every day, but a half-dozen or so get repeated use EVERY SINGLE day. In Word, I can pin those to the “recent files” list with a single click so they’re always available, no matter what other docs I may access.

You asked about this more than two years ago, and it’s still on the feature request list? Seriously? I’m not a programmer, but I’m a very experienced end-user. And I’m pretty sure this would be a simple thing to implement. And I also can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting it.

Hello @Boca,

This question is a possible duplicate of A and B.

That feature of “pinning Recent Documents” is currently not implemented in LibreOffice, or in any extension so far as i know.

There is a feature request here, but i saw it has no Assignee yet…

In the mean time you could increase the PickListSize of your Recent Documents list, so that your commonly used files won’t drop off the list after opening many files.

NB. The PickListSize can be set as follows:

1) Open the menu "Tools : Options... : LibreOffice : Advanced";
2) Click on the button "Open Expert Configuration";
3) In the Expert Configuration dialog that pops up, type the word "PickListSize" into the Editbox, and then press the ENTER key or click on the "Search" button;
4) Doubleclick on the node called "History" with the Property "PickListSize";
5) In the dialog that pops up, enter the new value for your PickListSize, e.g. 100.

HTH, lib

Thank you for the quick response.
That should meet my needs ( pending a “sticky” solution).

Thank you.