Notification when someone changes a Document on a another PC (networkacces)

Hello i have a question
We work together on the same Libre office dokuments on different Computers connectet over The networkacces. When someone changes a document on Pc a and someone on Pc b writes something in the same area in the document we cant save it keeping both inputs. So is it possible to get a notification the the others Pcs when someone changes a document and saves it? For example " This document got changed from another source, do u want to load the new save “. or " refresh your document, it got changed”
i hope u can understand my question. im not the best in english:P
thank you all :slight_smile:

Your question is very complex, and maybe needs more information.

  1. The desktop LibreOffice has no such functionality. Possibly you need to file a feature request. It could be closely related to tdf#47065, in which, opening a locked file now allows to track when it’s released, and may notify the user that the file can now be reopened in read-write mode.
  2. The previous point leads to the question: how come that your users open the same file over the network, when it is designed that only the first one opens the file for read-write access, and the others should be warned that the file is in use already? Is that a deliberate act to still open the file; or is it some problem that some version (which?) on some operating system (which?) and some share (which technology?) does not notice the locking (both on file system level, and LibreOffice’s own lockfile)?
  3. But generally, the approach that you think about is not what is really used when people need concurrent work on the same file in an organization. Solutions like Collabora Online (based on LibreOffice), that give you a Web-based concurrent access to the documents in the organization’s infrastructure, when people see others’ edits in real time, is what you might want to evaluate.

LibreOffice isn’t designed for safe simultaneous editing of a file by more than one user. What you’re doing is more than likely to lead to file corruption or loss of data in the file being edited. As you don’t mention the type of file share system you are using, we can only speculate about the consequences and real-time effects.