ODT File recover JoB

he disk disconnected

when the text file was opened (and not saved)

Now it show like : ,user,localhost,05.02.2024 18:11,file:///home/user/.config/libreoffice/4;

please help me . I will pay you 200$
if you recover it
Jeux conseillés pour la new gen’’.odt (8.7 KB)
Jeux conseillés pour la new gen’’.odt (8.7 KB)

can you help me ??

There is nothing to recover. Changing the file extension to .zip, contents.xml shows strictly the line you advertised in your question, nothing else.

Try to find a scavenging utility for your OS and scan your disk for older not-yet-reclaimed versions.

can you help me?
to do this

What? Finding a scavenging utility? What’s your OS? The file says it was created under Linux but you tagged windows-10. I have no experience in W$.

I am not using Windows also

I am using Linux
can You suggest me how to solve it…
easy and reliable way to fix my issue