On Linux: Macro executing shell command.

I have trouble dealing with spaces in Macros when I execute a shell command.
In my macro I have the following command as an example


Shell " bash -c ‘/usr/bin/emacs /home/testuser/Path With Space/Readme.txt’"

End Sub

There is no way for me to escape the spaces in
" path with space ".
and emacs opens but therefore cannot find the the file Readme.txt.

I tried all the valid bash escapes bhut it seems to clash with libreoffices shell command in macros which requires doublequotes and negates all valid bash escapes

How do I make the spaces be ignored in the path name so9 that emacs find the file ?


On Ubuntu 20.04 and a directory named A Space Folder the simple text editor is Pluma. Each of these commands worked:

shell "bash -c 'pluma /home/My_Directory/A\ Space\ Folder/Tester'"

shell "bash -c 'pluma /home/My_Directory/""A Space Folder""/Tester'"

using \ to escape the space and quoting the directory name.

Thank you very much that solves it. I tried double quotes but never tried double-double quotes, no clue why that works but it does. I tried standard escapes such as '/ in front of spaces which always works without shell command in straight bash, but likewise dont know why the single backslash suddenly works here.

Anyway, boith works thanks. I was breaking my head over this pesky problem. Bash is a bit of an Art already and it becomes superstition once it is called by other programs.

When you want to include quotes within a quoted item, it needs to be double quoted.

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