on my "profile" it says "todays unused votes 60 votes left"

what votes? vote for what, where, why, how?

See your other question. @JohnSUN describes that, and mentions the “60 votes a day”.

hmmmmm. if he did that there, I missed it. but I learned enough to know that I don’t wish to be a part of this community right now, if ever. I just came here to get info, not to join a group in which we can all peek over one another’s shoulders… and play point games as if we were children.

I will continue to use LibreOffice because I strongly dislike Microsoft and know of no other workable alternatives for word processing, document creation…

but I feel very let down by all I have discovered.

There is no “60 votes left” command in any LO component (Writer, Calc, …).

In case this is not the answer you expect, edit your question and retag it to better identify the topic.

here is what it says
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todays unused votes 58 votes left

it used to say 60 votes left. somehow, obviously, I have used 2 of them today but I don’t know how. did I vote? what does it mean to vote? how did I do it if indeed I did?


what did you mean by " LO component (Writer, Calc, …)"?

I cannot edit the question, it says exactly what it is I am asking. and I cannot retag it to “better identify the topic” as I am totally confused by the entire tag thing… and explanations provided me earlier tonight did not help me understand at all. I do understand the concept but not any of the tag choices.

@ajlittoz meant that you keep tagging all your question using common, which is wrong. common is a question about some common behaviour for all LibreOffice parts - e.g., if you encounter a common problem with printing (your printer (excuse me for a computer jargon word) is not found, or copying/pasting doesn’t work in all modules).

Your questions are now largely about this site, which fits into meta, not common.

Oh, and you deserve all these answers from @ajlittoz, given your expressed voluntary ignoring the rules, and your explicit sticking to using common, as you wrote here. You complained about how difficult it is to get a good help; though getting a fine and detailed help, telling you what each mandatory tag means, you tell “in fact, I don’t need it, and will not follow the site usage rules”.