One Click to Insert rows in a calc spreadsheet. CALC needs a solution for 2024

Folks it is 2024! The seemingly easy task of highlighting a row in a spreadsheet and inserting a row below which copies the same formatting and formulas still appears elusive for Calc users. Sure you can highlight the row, right click and copy the row, then right right click and select insert row below, the right click on the new row and select Paste Special with just format and formula options then OK. Wow! That really could not be the solution in 2024. Speaking to MS Excel users it seems this issue has a 1 Click solution in Excel now. Macros are really an excuse not a solution for the vast number of users. Hell even ChatGPT could not provide a solution.

Let’s get it done. If i could program I would help but I lact that skill, so I do contribute with funds.

Hoping for a solution. Thanks

You can just
Right-click the row and insert below.
Click the new row to select it, plus [Ctr+D] to copy from the previous.

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I thought I said that. My point is that we are in 2024 and for a function as everyday as one can get, inserting new rows with the same format and functions as the row above or the row copied (same should be possible for columns) should be a click on an icon on the tool/menu bar.

I appreciate the responses, though I confess I am disappointed sofar. I am pretty sure if anyone here saw these responses to this request in a MS Excel forum you would be scorning and ridiculing the solutions posed. I would be.

Yes I understand that 365 has it as a 1 click. That means it is doable. And if MS can do it that means it can’t be that difficult =).

Please, please enough about the macros and python, etc. I shouldn’t have to have all of my office jumping through hoops to do what should be a simple task nor my over 80 year dad who also uses LibreOffice Calc.

And yes mixing it in with the customizing options window that pops up in Paste Special would be even more useful.

Let’s do it!!! :slight_smile:

Did you install my macro? It’s a one-click install. If you want to use it with toolbar buttons, menu entries or shortcuts is up to you.

You are welcome to do that. Yes I saw your “If i could program …”, but your appeals are off-topic here.

sounds like 2018 :wink:

Sorry! This was intended to be posted as a comment. My mistake!

Can’t speak to MS-Excel users.
Can suppose that there are a few million “5-click-actions” for which some users want to get a 1-click replacement in these times of clickery.

And this special group of Paste Special options is only one out of some dozen thinkable variants in just one group of tasks.
Lots of “1-click-tools” require lots of menu items or toolbar areas or …
Where to start, and where to make a stop?

Isn’t it wonderful your menu/toolbar can be customized to you needs? Were you addressing my post? I wasn’t sure.

You have to use the paste special to copy the formatting.