Opening .odt shuts down explorer

Hi, After creating a document using Libre Office I noticed that I had allowed it to save to the .odt format. Using windows file explorer I tried to delete the file. As soon as I click on it to highlight it, or to open it, it shuts down explorer with an error and ask if I want to run explorer again.

This seems to be the case with all files I have saved in this format.

I am running Windows 7 and libre Office 3.6. Aside from being a little slow to load it has always been a stable combination.

Any help would be appreciated.

Already discussed here Another Nasty Feature - Unable to Open ODF File From Folder
There are many repopts about this bug.
At the moment the only solution is to revert to LibO 3.5.X or (and it is more correct) to make custom install of LibO with Windows Explorer extension NOT selected during installation.