Page Numbering Addon Error

I installed Page Numbering Addon on Libreoffice

When I run it, below error occurred:

image description

How can I fix this error?

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My Question is: How can I fix this error?

Learn to program in Python and fix it.

I can reproduce error in LO 7. I’ve clone extension, maybe I can fix it.

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This extension module comes from an OpenOffice repository. The download page says it requires LO 3.4 or later.

  • Although oOO and LO were pretty compatible when LO forked off from oOO, they both evolved on their own ways and compatibility may be questioned after many years have passed.

  • The module was apparently issued at LO 3.4 time. We’re now at 7.0. Many features or their implementations have changed to the point that documents written with old LO versions need to be converted to the newer version of ODF format. Consequently, a module which very likely manipulates the ODF internal structure is bound to fail.

  • Check your Python interpreter version: newer version do not accept scripts written in older version (this a clue not a certainty).

  • I’d rather be cautious with modules showing a version 0.0.x. Unfortunately, I could not find a publication date.

Try to contact the author. There is a link to GitHub in the download page.

Or do your page numbering manually. It is not that difficult. For maximum comfort, design a page style with all the parameters you need. The page style owns the header/footer which means the page numbering will be “preloaded” in the page style. The header/footer may also be formatted by their paragraph styles in any way you like.

After that, it is as simple to just double-click on a page style to format the group of pages, including the page number.

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I think, I fixed it…

Please, help me test it. Download and try:

Please, if you can, report errors in: Issues · Mauricio Baeza / lo-page-numbering · GitLab

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I tested. It is fixed NOW.
Thank you very much.

Only when I clicked on “Help…” button, LibreOffice crashed!

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