Page Numbering changes to automatically Farsi

MacOS 11.2.2
page numbers test.odt

Why is this happening?

  1. I’ve Inserted page numbers this way:

  2. It looks like this:

  3. When I close and reopen the document the page number changes to this:

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It looks like a bug - could you file it?

Not sure about the fix because I’m not familiar with Nepali and have not this language installed.

Nepali is a “complex layout language”. Therefore you must enable in Tools>Options (Preferences menu in MacOS), Language Settings>Languages the Complex text layout option and select Nepali(Nepal) (or your preferred language) from the menu.

This allows to select more page number formats. Of course, don’t forget to “type” your text as Nepali.

When this is done, saving and reopening the file shows that formatting is kept.

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