Page style with customer pg number


I’ve managed to figure out how to create a page style, but I’d like the page style to have page numbers such as A1, A2, A3, … in the right footer.

The only options available when “Page numbers” are selected in the newly created style:






But no customer option. Is there a way perhaps ?

Click in the footer and enter “A”, then go to Insert → Page Number, resulting in A1. The next pages will be A2, A3 and so on. Call this page style A.

When it is time for page B1, create page style B. Then go to Insert → Manual Break, with Page Break, Style B, Change Page Number to 1. Create the footer, enter “B” and then go to Insert → Page Number, resulting in B1.

Documentation is at Page Numbers - LibreOffice Help.

Thanks for reply, this worked, but my main contents shows:

  1. Introduction…1

  2. Main…2

2.1 xxx …4

  1. Appendix…1

It does not show A1, but the page shows A1

Perhaps copy and paste the table of contents and then edit it manually.

By numbering your “chapters” as A, B, C…, setting them to start on a new page numbered as 1 and inserting on the footer two fields, one for chapter number and the other for page number, you’ll get the desired result. You’ll need to play a bit with the TOC, too. See this quick sample file:


Thanks for reply. I have a dissertation document, “6. Appendix A” is the proposal, which has its own headings and sub-headings. For example, “5. References” precedes “6. Appendix A” in the dissertation document. I therefore cannot modify chapter numbering as that would mess up previous chapters. There is no chapter style.
I include proposal into the dissertation by selecting “Insert”->“Document”. I then do a manual break and apply a page style. How can I apply chapter style?