Parallel installation - how to set default version

On Linux Mint 17.3, 64 bit the default LibO version is

I now installed LibO Version: parallel to the older version and want to keep the older version.

Where I how can I set LibO as the default version for all LibO, csv, etc files?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You need to use the facilities in Mint to do this; this website is one that tells how to change default programs in Mint.

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Thanks for pointing again to the same web site. I followed the instructions and tried to explain the it does not work. There is no Preferred Applications item in the fourth row nor is it in a different row, nor did I find something which could be Preferred Applications.
I am sorry but the problem is not yet solved.

Sorry I just saw that I would have better added a comment to my previous answer but I thought doing it here was the better way to create a threat.

Your issue here is OS related rather than LO related. Try a web search for linux mint set default program which is how I came up with the link I posted above. Or try asking on a Mint forum.

Thanks for the link to the web search you made.
This link is among the ones which popped up and it works.
To be honest, I feel ashame that I forgot the right click on a file… It only needs 6 file types to be changed - if one use all applications in LibO.

Thanks for the hint with the link. I first thought this gives me the solution but it did not. It seems it was written for an older version than 17.3

The only way to solve the problem is to go through all file associations and shift the LibO 5.3 above LibO 5.0. Estimated 100 entries need to be changed.

My feeling - an this can be wrong - tells me that there is a shorter way to change the default version. I just don’t know it yet and hope for another hint on how to do it.

You should have de-installed the previous version entirely. Then install the latest or best and all MIME information will point on it. Then install the old version in parallel, preferably with customized location for profile folder. Find information about the proceeding here:

My feeling tells me that there is a shorter way to change the default version.

You are right :wink:

Thanks for your comment. I will consider it another installation.
On a kubuntu version I had once 3-4 parallel installations and they all worked fine with the original installation kept untouched. I only changed the default version and forgot how I did it.


Do you think it makes sense to
1 - uninstall the parallel installation(s),
2 - uninstall the default version of LibO which came with the distribution using the package manager, and
3 - install the default version of LibO without the package manager and doing it the same way as a parallel installation?

For sure I need to save the user-file first to save and replace all customizations.


If above makes sense and works, I will do this procedure already with my next Linux installation.

And it might possibly also solve a problem I have with a shortcut key.
See: CALC: CTRL+SHIFT+; deletes cells but does not enter the time