Paste grouped objects at the same place in LO Draw

[EDIT : udpating to LO 7 solved it]

Dear all,

I encounter a small issue with LibreOffice Draw that drives me crazy. I am using it to make electricity plans in my house, and it happens to be a very good tool for that.
However, there is a problem that makes me loose a lot of time : when I copy paste grouped objects (or several objects selected but not in a group), instead of pasting them on the group in questions (like it does with single items), it pastes it…somewhere in the document (it does not look systematic to me).

Not sure whether this is a bug or due to my configuration or whatsoever, and I do not seem to find any topic specifically on that. I would be very glad if you could help me.

Information :

  • LibreOffice Draw v., build 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10
  • OS : Linux Mint 19.3
  • Page properties : 90x150 cm, portrait
  • Several layers (but I all items are copied and pasted on the same layer, other ones are locked).

Step to reproduce :

  1. Create new document
  2. Draw anything, then delete it
  3. Change page size : Format > Page properties ; Width : 80cm ; Height : 150 cm
  4. Draw several lines
    4+) Select them all
  5. Copy them
  6. Paste them
  7. Move the new object anywhere
  8. Copy-Paste it, the third object appears yet again somewhere else
  9. etc.

Expected outcome : it is pasted exactly at the same place (it would be much faster to align them, instead of having to reenter the coordinates of the copied object, or to use ctrl+drag and realign it)

Thanks if you have any idea to suggest :slight_smile:



[EDIT : new steps to reproduce]
(Slighly re-formatted for better readability by @Lupp )

I never experienced the issue (as I understood it) with previous versions, and a short test with V7.0.0.3 (release) also worked as expected (by me as also by you).
A basic test with V6.0.4 portable (32 bit) on Win 10 (64 bit) also produced the expected behavior.
0. May your user profile be corrupted?

  1. second-place-0-versions are rather fresh. You might consider to update to the most developed version with a high second-place-number (matured release) and a high third-place-number (bugfix revision) of the 6.x series.
    (I personally work with 7.0 -where reliability isn’t essential- because I’m interested in “newest bugs”.)

@Loufute, please upload your ODF type sample file here.

Did everything the OriginalQuestioner listed (by edit).
Still I get the expected result.
The second Copy/Paste places the newly copied selection of three lines at the position to which the second multiselection (created by the first Paste) was moved.
I did this with V7.0.0.3. (x64 on Win 10) Will not try again with different versions.

Thank you for both your inputs.
@Zizi64 > See attached as requested, but :
@Lupp > I tried with LO V7.0.0.3 (took a bit of time as it was not in the official repositories) and reproducing the same steps (menu is now Page > Properties) did not reproduce the issue, and the file I uploaded works like a charm. Thanks for the suggestion !

Udpating to LO 7 as suggested by @Lupp solved it, thanks for your help!