Permanently remove password protection from a calc (ods) or writer (odt) file

How can you remove a “file open password” from an ods file so that you won’t have to enter the password upon opening the file in the future? Password is known, NOT forgotten.

(German LibreOffice with Linux Mint 19.2)

According to remove file password protection “Save as” + uncheck the “Save with password” button is the solution.

According to Password
“To remove a password, open the document, then save without password.”

Unfortunately this doesn’t work in my case, as this button isn’t checked at all.

I also tried this - to no avail:

  1. Save as > Enable “Save with password” > OK (==> error message, because no password was entered)
  2. “Save as” with new file name
  3. LibreOffice Flatpak version (also - same results

I can reproduce the error with a complete new ods file and also with an odt file in writer.

Entering a new password works; completely removing the password doesn’t.

Handling error or Bug?


For Writer. Not sure that those steps are relevant, nor that they are sufficient, for Calc.

  • Copy all content from the offending document
  • Paste to a new blank document
  • You may need to also transfer styles:
  • From the styles pane, select the rightmost tool (+ ∨ dropdown) and the bottom entry Load styles ...
  • Tick all the boxes
  • Click button From file ... and pick your original file.

Some content may be lost. Not sure that objects such as form elements, sections or linked content transfer well with this procedure. Do not abandon the source doc, at least not before you have checked content thoroughly in the new file.


this is bug #tdf136697 - FILESAVE: File → Save As…, choosing a new name, and NOT selecting Save with password, creates another file protected password.

No fix available as per today.

Hope this answers your question.

The link to the bug report is very helpful, thank you!

Here is what i do as workaround with calc files:

1- open the password protected calc file.

2- open a new blank calc file.

3- copy each sheet of the password protected calc file to the blank one.
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