Pick content of 1 cell, search in a set range or column and return content from another cell


i have a list of names in a range B4 to B37. Now in cell J4 i want to insert the value from a cell in column G. Now to identify that cell in column G, I want to pick the content of B4, then search in range B71 to B93 and if found return the value from the corresponding cell in column G. for example:.

if B4=Apple, then search for “Apple” in B71:B93 and if found in say B80 then return the value of G80 to J4.

If this is set for J4 it can be extrapolated to full range of J4:J37

Is this possible?


Have a look at the attached, by using =INDEX(G$71:G$93,MATCH(A4,A$71:A$93,0)) in column J4 and copying down to J37 you should be able to find what your looking for.
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Let us know if it helps.
LOQ_20230424.ods (12.5 KB)

Hey, thank you so much, that worked like a charm… just changed the A to B for column name