Pivot chart does not treat values as numeric

I have created a pivot table using some numeric data. This results in a pivot table where the data is numeric (see the screenshot below: I have highlighted the values, and as you can see they are blue). However, when I created a chart for it, for example a histogram, the values are treated as plain text, which means that scaling is impossible:

If I choose a line graph, as you can see on this screenshot, the space between 7 and 7.5 is as much as the space between 8 and 9.5. How can I fix this?

If I choose an XY scatter graph, then I get this picture, where apparently the chart is using the line number or something similar; I cannot really tell. (Note: pivot charts do not have any possible settings regarding data.)

This is to be compared with the XY Scatter for manually entered data, which looks fine.

Please find here an example spreadsheet illustrating this issue.

Are you using a line chart? If yes - then it’s clear since a line chart uses category for the x-axis and category is a text. Change to XY(Scatter) chart type and you get numbers on the x-axis (This got nothing to do with using a pivot table and a line chart in general is not the thing to be used for the visualization of numerical data).

@anon73440385 The XY Scatter produces even more bizarre results: https://i.imgur.com/bzLE4if.png it looks like it’s using the line number instead of the value. And it is not possible to edit the Data Range or Data Series tabs for pivot tables.

It definitely has something to do with pivot tables because if I copy paste the data manually somewhere else and produce a chart then the result is correct: https://i.imgur.com/9bpka8w.png

Ok - it’s up to you what you believe. Screenshots don’t tell what is configured and you don’t want to believe that a line chart correctly produces what your screenshot in the question shows, since it categorizes on the x-axis what is a number and the categories are shown equidistant.

@anon73440385 There is no reason to be hostile. If you’re going to continue using this tone, don’t bother replying, someone else will help. Yes, I used a line chart in my first screenshot. Yes, I understand now that line charts produce this sort of result. Now the question is why the XY Scatter produce the result shown in my second screenshot for pivot tables and not for manually entered data. There is nothing to configure for pivot charts (you would know that if you actually tried it yourself): you can only choose the type and the labels for axes, legend and so on. There are no settings to show. The third screenshot is using default configuration, simply clicking “XY Scatter” and then “Done”. If you really want to see the settings: https://i.imgur.com/agVdDrB.png https://i.imgur.com/unlS14i.png https://i.imgur.com/5ihmNCy.png https://i.imgur.com/8TdThzV.png

Please instead a lot of images, attach a sample file where to test the issue.

@mariosv Sure, I’ve updated my question with an example spreadsheet.

There is a reported bug tdf#125750 PIVOTTABLE scatter chart, please add there your comment. Data from pivot table fields are taken as text.