Please add support for SI prefixes in number formats

This should behave much like ‘engineering notation’ mentioned in the help:

(format code: ###.##E+00)

Except that E-6, E-3, E0, E3, E6, E9, etc. should be displayed as: µ, m, ’ ', k, M, G, etc.
See Wikipedia for the full list: Metric prefix - Wikipedia

Note that these should be displayed as suffixes on the number. They’re called prefixes since they prefix the unit designator (i.e.: Ω, V, I, …), which generally follows the number.

I don’t think the designator needs to be added automatically, but it would be nice to support it in a custom format. It would also be nice to allow for adding a space between the number and the prefix.

The h, da, d, and c prefixes are not used in the electronics field, so they should be optional.

FYI I have filed a tangentially related bug report:
153993 – FORMATTING: Calc alters custom number format on save

Instead of the metric prefixes, I’d prefer tdf#83301 implemented, allowing to define arbitrary number of formats for arbitrary number of ranges.

Enhancement requests need to be filed in Bugzilla too.

Enhancement requests need to be filed in Bugzilla too.

Really? That seems dumb. Why are there two systems?

Its one system, and you are free todo bug- and|or Enhancement-requests!

Do you refer to this “Ask a “how do I” question” site as the “second system”, which you believed (for unclear reason, given its guidelines) to be for feature requests?