Please move the "English" category onto the Top of the site

Currently the first category listed on is “العَرَبِيَّة”, and the Category “English” is far below that (at the 7th). I love Arabic, but in my opinion English should be moved to the 1st on the top, so that we can easily find it. English is the most active category here and it is the “official” language in our community.

While I can see the logic, I can also see the egalitarian advantages of the current more alphabetical listing.

My preference would be to show each language in both the current default langaige for the page AND in its own language. The list would be alphabeticised according to the current display language. The advantage of my proposal would be that at least it is obvious that this is a list of languages (sorry for being an ignorant monolingual Englishman, but some of the items would not immediately strike me as being languages at all)

Low priority. I think our devs have more important things on their to do lists, but I would like this request to be on the list in the meantime anyway