Please rename the category "國語" to "简体中文 / 繁体中文"

Please rename the category “國語” (i.e., taiwanese-mandarin) to “简体中文 / 繁体中文” (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese). This category can be used (actually, we are already using it) for both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese discussion.

The current category name , “國語”, is not a language name or language tag. In fact, the char “國” means “Country” and “語” means “Language”, and that category WAS created for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) discussion. This is very political sensitive, as Taiwan is not a country as agreed by members of the WTO. As a FOSS community we should avoid such political issues on our website.

Or, as an alternative, you can change “國語” to “繁体中文” (i.e. Traditional Chinese) and then create a new category named “简体中文” (i.e. Simplified Chinese). But I don’t think this is a good approach, as both the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese discussion here is not very active.

Done. Should we rename the slug used in URLs, too? Right now it’s “taiwanese-mandarin“; it’s needs to be short and contain only alphanumeric ASCII characters or hyphens.

IIRC the name was requested by community members and imported as such from AskLibO.



Should we rename the slug used in URLs, too? Right now it’s “taiwanese-mandarin“; it’s needs to be short and contain only alphanumeric ASCII characters or hyphens.

I think so. How about “chinese”?

Though if thrown at the Deepl translator the result is Mandarin as well.

Splitting hairs, not just Mandarin. 國語 is a Taiwanese equivalent to 普通话/putonghua.

I agree that “國語” may not be that appropriate, but I think it would be better consulting both traditional/simplified Chinese community members before making such changes. Current name is not appropriate enough either.

Please rename the category to “正體中文 / 简体中文” since “正體中文” is more formal language name used in Taiwan. It should be sufficient for both communities.

@guilhem You have no right do this change without the permission of traditional Chinese community.
Simplified Chinese is almost 80% different in writing from traditional Chinese. The requests from Kevin is trying to make some kind of political change about points of view on China/Taiwan issue here.

In Taiwan, we don’t teach simplified Chinese in our education system. Traditional Chinese users just can not read or write simplified Chinese only if they learn by themselves.

Dear Franklin: I think you are right - I was suggesting a proper name suitable for both of us. I agree that “正體中文 / 简体中文” may be more approperate.

The original 國語/taiwanese-mandarin is the language name for traditional Chinese. The writing system name for traditional Chinese here is 正體中文/traditional-chinese.

It better to separate simplified Chinese from traditional Chinese, because we don’t share the same interface translation, and users in Taiwan cannot read simplified Chinese only if they learn by themselves.

zerng07: I think you are assulting the administrator. What is “You have no right do this change without the permission of …”? If the administrator does not have the right to do so, then who has? You? This was discussed publicly and you come here almost one month later and concludes that the administrator has no rights to do so.

I suggested a change to the name so that Simplified Chinese and Tranditional Chinese questions can both be asked and answered here, without a separate category. As you can see, both languages are not that active here, and our Simplified Chinese people can also answer those Tranditional Chinese questions. I requested a “political” change of that’s because the original name was politically wrong and the name after change has no political element thus should satisfy everybody.

Well, the category here is created for servicing traditional Chinese (mandarin-chinese) users at first.

The more reasonable request for simplified Chinese is to create a new category for you. Changing the category name and do the url change without asking the local community here is not the right way to do it.

That would be fine to create a new category for Simplified Chinese, but is it really needed? This AskLibreOffice sited is to serve the planet, and 正體中文 + 简体中文 may be used to serve all people who speak Chinese. Not only Taiwanees speak 正體中文. Hong Kong and Macau also speak 正體中文 (繁体中文), and some mainland Chinese people also speak 繁体中文。The categories should be setup by languages, not by country, and TDF can not decide which region in the world is a country and which one is not.

Yeah, I agree with you to have 2 categories for Chinese, one for simplified Chinese (簡體中文) and the other for traditional Chinese (正體中文).

The different translations of interface of simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese will create some chaos while discussing the menu items.

As I expressed earlier, I don’t think it necessary to create two separate categories. There is already a 台湾海峡 which is a phicical barrier between us, and I don’t want the languages been another barrier. We can be good friends (at least in the LibreOffice community), shouldn’t we?

However, if you think 正體中文 and 简体中文 should 井水不犯河水 and Fanklin also agrees with that, then I am fine.

正體中文 is specified to traditional Chinese used in Taiwan. In HK and Macau they used 繁體中文, but quite different even in many words to be used. I agree that the forum here should be categorized by language not country, and that’s a good reason for traditional and simplified Chinese to have different forum since they are actually quite different now.

And AFAIK actually not so many people in (mainland) China can read traditional Chinese properly, and vice versa. Another field I’m involved in has such issue.

@guilhem since @suokunlong agreed that z"正體中文/ 简体中文" is good , please change the category name first, then you can discuss if it should split into two categories with teams.

Splitting into two category would be better for people who are not familiar with both traditional and simplified Chinese, and it does not mean users in both community cannot reply questions in another category. I don’t think it as a “barrier”, rather think it as a thoughtful way for users who may have difficulties for different Chinese words and phrases and usages.

OK, underatood. And I hope that, after changing it to 正體中文, people who speak 繁体中文 can understand our purpose and not requesting to create another Chinese category. :handshake:

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Please assume good faith, no need for confrontational tone or accusations. Also admins understand only a tiny fraction of the language/categories available here.

Done. Thank you for finding common ground.

@guilhem Thanks, but should there be a space after “正體中文” ? I.e, it should be “正體中文 / 简体中文”. I understand that it is Franklin’s typo when he is mentioning you. However, as we discussed further above, would you please, finally:

  1. Rename the current “正體中文/ 简体中文” category to “正體中文” (urr-link: “tranditional-chinese”).

  2. Create another category named “简体中文” (url-link: “simplified-chinese”).

Sorry, it’s not confrontational tone or accusations here.

The category is firstly created for 國語/mandarin-taiwanese, which refers to traditional Chinese writing system.

However, it is asked by a simplified Chinese user to change the name to contain both Chinese writing systems into one category.

Then the renaming job is done without any discussion with anyone who is a real traditional Chinese user. That is totally out of the scope of what admins should do for servicing local communities.

I believe the renaming procedure should have the local community consent first before changing it.