Plot xy-graph with imported data in multiple sheets


I want to make a libre office-file where I can import csv-files and plot a xy-graph from the data in the csv-files. At the moment I am able to import the csv-files, and make a simple plot in another sheet. However, I would like to be able to import multiple csv-files (one in each sheet of the document) and somehow be able to choose which one to plot in the graph-sheet. The sheets look like follows and the data in the csv-files are two columns wide but of different lengths.


The idea is that the user herself can import a csv-file and add it as a new sheet, and then just simply change some setting in the GRAPH-sheet to see her data in the plot.
Is this possible?

Best regards, Johanna

Charts are limited.
Mainly they do not accept calculated ranges (like for DataValidity e.g.).
In addition all the title elements (Title, Subtitle, Axis captions) are text constants.
The sheer data can be prepared in dedicated helper ranges of a sheet, but the size of the ranges, the chart type, the number of series … all that needs to be fixed when the chart is created.

There are a few workarounds, by replacing chart titles with cell contents e.g, for the view/print.
See this attached example.

Any parametrisation beyond that requires manipulation by user code, imo, and that code will not be exactly simple.

Hoping the user herself will be able to make useful use of this

Replaced the original attachment by a slightly enhanced one.

Hi Wolfgang!

This was just what I needed! Thank you, you just made my day!

/ Johanna