Poor Import of Excel File

This Excel template for a check register is pretty nice in Excel, but almost every aspect of it imports poorly in LibreOffice. Can this be used to improve the next version of the import feature for Calc?

You can sort of see in the thumbnail what it should look like and download the file near the bottom.

Some of the problems are:

  • the green alternating colors are missing
  • the pie chart doesn’t work
  • the check register lines don’t total
  • the categories don’t total
  • there is a cell, bottom right, that should a new row to the register when hitting “tab”

This is technically an Excel template, but it doesn’t matter if you save it to a regular Excel file. LibreOffice still opens it with the same missing features.

Its a pretty weird example of unneeded overhelmed obfuscated stuff!

why the hell should Libreoffice deal with everything breeded out by some Excel-fanboy?

I think the issue is that the template takes care of excel table functions not implemented in LibreOffice, If I’m not wrong some work is being done on this area.

I believe it still continues to be the case that the import of the old file format (i.e, XLS, etc.), rather than the new forms (XLSX, etc.), continues to be more reliable. Perhaps that may change, but I get the impression the *X “open” format is more complex and less amenable to interchange than the old “closed” ones. Could be wrong about that, though.

Actually see question Compatibility with Ms Excel , seems accepted answer is reporting a bug as I guessed in my answer.

Not everything is supported - see Help. Always save in LO formats or you risk losing data and/or formatting.

Hi, I think it is better to file a bug request instead to ask a question. It is not granted the issues would be fixed but being in the bug tracker increases the chances. Also your example can be used as a test case.


See “Submitting a bug”.