Porting libre Ofiice Base reports from windows to Mint

I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P770-116 with Windows 7
I have installed mint 17 cinnamon 32 bits on an internal disk sda1
I have installed LibreOffice version 4.3.X
My Java version is a 1_7

In Parallel I have LibreOffice 4.3 installed on windows
I am using Base

I have developed an application which is using reports on Windows
This is working.
When I transfer to Mint
Eveything is working but the Reports made on Windows fails with a message like
Cannot Open the “report” and no additional hints…
In Mint I can create new reports that seems to work (on the same base)
Any Idea

Sounds similar to my problem in OpenSuse. See this quesiton by me and resolution by me, let me know if it helps.