Possible Bug? Report base not printing some image field


I am using version 6.0.5 and using a MAC computer OS X 10.11.

I did a DB using help from this community, but I am facing something looks like a bug.

I insert an image (a logo) in a Report and it works ok ( I can print and see the logo) but when I insert Grouping in the Report, the image not prints anymore. If I didn`t use any Grouping, the image prints correctly but once I insert a Grouping, the image disappears.

I tried to change every possible configuration in Grouping, but the problem still happened. When I delete the Grouping, the image appears again.

I tried to change the configuration of the image. (Longvarbinary as a link, or embedded image), but the same situation occurs. The image is a field in a Table, and the filed is configured as an image Longvarbinary, and I use a Link to the image. It is work good. I tried to embed the image (just to see if any change will occur with this issue but the same thing still happening).

I tried to change the image from the Header to Foot, Detail, and the same situation occurs, when I insert Grouping the image disappear.

I appreciate any help. Thank you.


I include a part of the DB here, with only one table, a form, and a report. If you see, when I included the logo in the header of the report, no problem. (Just include the logo and run the report.) But, when adding some Grouping and just run the report the logo not appears anymore. If delete the Grouping, it works again.

Thank you @Ratslinger. I tried to do it but still not working. I edited my question and I included the part of the DB. The problem is something related to the Grouping and the image in the Header. I don`t know why the image appears or disappears when including (or not) Grouping.


Not sure where your problem lies. Using Mint 18.3 & LO v6.0.5.2 I see not problem with pictures in Header & detail even with grouping. Here is another post → Trouble including image control in Base report header [closed] with links to sample data. Shows images in group & detail sections.

@VHM You possibly didn’t comprehend the linked answer. In order for this to appear in the Heading section, the same image link must be in every single record. This means the input to the report is a Query based upon a table. The information is duplicated throughout because Report Builder can only have one input for report data. You can append this in SQL using a Join for the selected image to ALL records. If doing this for group headers it is duplicated for all records in that group.

Now is beautiful. Thank so much @Ratslinger, I truly appreciate.