Print Range Does Not Get Saved

I cannot permanently change the print range on my spreadsheet. No matter what print range I define, add, or edit, then save. I must define a new print range for the same sheet every week.

Similar topic to question posed in Jan 2019 but my sheet is file type “ods” Version: Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.6 (in Mint).

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

Juanita.ods (148.2 KB)

Attached. I edited the print range from A1 to X360 and saved it. When I open the file again the new print range disappears. The old print range stays put.

I can live with it not working as desired. Have 25 years of Excel behavior to get over. Maybe this is normal.

Strange: same behavior in my LO 6.1.6
This sample file was converted from MS format?

  • There are lots of (inherited?) “Conditional format” Cell Styles…
  • There are broken Named ranges: the Navigator shows only one, but you will see - when you edit the named ranges - that there are another two of broken named ranges.
  • There are disabled external links

Maybe there are more issues, broken references and other errors. It must be found them and must fix them.

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After breaking (deleting) the disabled links to external files (from the original version of the sample file), I can modify the Print Range permanently.

(It is better to fix all of the issues…)
Juanita_deleted external links.ods (90.6 KB)

Edit - Links to External files - … Break

I attach the report for juanita.ods: juanita_report.odt (43.3 KB), obtained using TheCAT extension.
And yes, there are places of interest, as noted by Zizi64.

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Thanks to all the above. Wondered about import. Also wondered where conditional styles came from. Hitherto in Excel one was able to create the behavior on the fly.

From the Excel file format, or from editing the file with Excel.