Printing the report for the current form only (invoice)

I forgot on previous posts to mention that I m total newbie and hope the questions are not annoying. After setting up invoices to be printed, the only way I found to get this working is to use a macro found on her (see below) now this will print all the forms that have been written, of course I would like to print only that one form I am working on. Is there a way to get this done ? and given I do not know about macros at all, is there a way to get to print from a form without using a macro?
Thanks much!

Sub OpenReport
oDrawPage = ThisComponent.getDrawPage()
oForm = oDrawPage.Forms.getByName(“MainForm1”)
If oForm.IsNew then
ocontroller = Thisdatabasedocument.currentController
if not ocontroller.isconnected then ocontroller.connect
oreportdoc = Thisdatabasedocument.reportdocuments.getbyname(“Rpt_Invoice1_4”).open
End Sub


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Best to avoid macros whenever possible especially when new to Base/LO.

The easiest manner to print a selected item is using a parameter in your query. This begins with a colon and followed with text for a prompt. Example is :myEntry

This is then used in the Where section of the SQL:

Select “MyName”, “MyAddress”, “InvoiceNo” from “MyTable” Where “InvoiceNo” = :myEntry

When executed you will be prompted for a value and the query will select based upon that entry.

For more information see → Query Design

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Thank you so much for the advice and hints Ratslinger, helps a lot!

That worked like a cham, many thanks! is there a way the print(per query) could be called by a button within the form?


Yes there are ways to call this from a button on a form. Yes there are ways for the value to be obtained from the form when a button is pressed. Yes there are many ways to do so many things but a lot of this take some macro coding. Not something you learn in a week or two even with other programming experience.

There is a sample of using a button/macro to run a report in my answer here → How to disable LO Base report menu and Edit bar

Again, many thanks for your answers, time and understanding.