Problem in Paragraph - Line Spacing for rtl docs

In the documents prepared in Persian language; why is the length of the line spacing in “LibreOffice” less than “OpenOffice” and “Ms-Word”?

Although it is possible to increase this line spacing in LibreOffice, but, it seems that this is not the right method. because, not correct for OpenOffice and Ms-Word.

I have a lot of odt files and was using LibreOffice until version 4 that not have this problem. Changing line spacing for all previous my files not posible.

Untitled 2.odt (18.6 KB)

Is the original font installed on each computer? Maybe each program is using a different fall back font or different replacement font. In LibreOffice, if the original font is not installed the font name is shown in italics instead of regular, see image below

In addition, everything is direct formatted which does not contribute to consistency across the document and makes it very tedious to tune formatting and layout.

Thank you for making this point. I checked it.

The font used is an Iranian ttf and OpenType font, and the same font file is used in all three softwares. This font is selecteable on LibreOffice and not ittalic.

After made this point by you, I underestand that when change the font to a non-Iranian fonts (such as Arial, Tahoma and so on), this problem is solved.
However, why doesn’t ApacheOpenOffice have this problem using the same font?

Possibly because Apache OpenOffice is a different software?

In LibreOffice, lots of changes were made, including those that should improve RTL support. Surely, there could be regressions with these changes; sometimes, the problems are of a nature, where changes are known to be imperfect, but may improve more cases than they break. The only way to know is to file a bug report, attaching a sample file (embed the fonts there, for reproducibility).

Doing a [Ctrl+M] (clear direct formatting) on the whole text in Aoo and Libo make both looking the same.