Problem updating

I am attempting to upgrade to version, but I am being thwarted by the message “Package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Package.” Therefore I cannot upgrade.

Attempting the same upgrade on my laptop, things are somewhat different, whereby I get the message "Error 1310: writing to file C:/Programme File (x86)LibreOffice/shared fingerprint/pa.1m. Verify that you have access to that directory. (the forward slashes should be backward, but I don’t have on my keyboard). I the tried uninstall - re-install and, for some reason I have lost all traces of LibreOffice.

It is not clear which steps you took to upgrade your system and what rights you have on both of your machines. Therefore I can only tell you the way I do it as a guideline:

Download from
Here I also select the version I need; most likely the default is what you need,
and save the downloaded file on my machine.

Next I start the upgrade by double clicking the msi-file. As I customized my installation before I can go with the default installation.
Finally I do the same with help-file.
This works always on my XP machine.

Hopefully this information allows you a comparison with what you did and you can make the upgrade. If not you need to provide more information.

Thanks for trying, but I’m running Widows 8.1Pro on both machines. I’ve tried all that you said but to no avail. I also get message around 2/3 rds through installation: “C:/Programme Files (x86) LibreOffice.4/share/scripts/javascript/HelloWorld/parcel descriptor.xml. Verify you have access to that directory”

@Maliwanb - I am sorry to read that you still have the problem. Please explain from where you downloaded LibO and the helpfiles and then explain step by step what you did starting from clicking the download button. ----- Additionally you can search the web for the term “javascript/HelloWorld/parcel descriptor.xml” (including the quotation marks); there is quite some information available. The problem must not necessarily be connected to LibO. Most likely it is even not connected to LibO.

I was using LibO when the flag for the upgrade came up. I saved it to file then began the install. During “copying new files” the error 310 came up which terminated the install. The original LibO has now disappeared from my desktop. If I can’t find a solution I’ll have to install Open Office. It seems strange I don’t get a response from a LibO in house specialist. By the way your XP OS is way out of date and is in no way compatible with Windows 8.1 Pro.

I tried to download a new installation this morning from I first get the Microsoft message saying this programme can harm your computer, but I bypass this and run it anyhow. The same faults and error 310 came up again and terminated the install. Prior to the download I deleted everything to do with LibO from the registry, so as to start afresh assuming it was a new installation, but it simply will not install. On my laptop the old version is still there but I am unable to update to

I took my laptop to the computer geek at my local IT shop and he had come across similar problems with the LibO upgrade, which he was unable to fathom out. He suggested installing a ‘much better program’ (his words) namely Apache Open Office 4.1. I took his advice and installed the program on my laptop and desktop without problems. So far, so good, so it’s good bye to Libre Office who were unable to solve the problems. Anyway, far too many unresolved problems on your forum!