Problems in Calc from PPA

Hi I’m using libreoffice from PPA
I found some problems as shown in this short video.

  1. cells with formulas are not automatically calculated even if “Automatic calculation” is set

  2. inserting a row before a SUM doesn’t reset the SUM range.

Is this a bug or I make something wrong?


  1. inserting a row before a SUM doesn’t reset the SUM range.

That never works/worked. Range in a SUM() formula gets adapted on inserting a row within the range of SUM() but never if adding a row at the end of (after) the range used in SUM()

Hi Opaque,
Do you think this is correct?
I mean that this behaviour is quite dangerous.

I think this is quite correct - yes. Why should SUM()'s range be adapted if you add a row outside of the range? This would be, what I’d call dangerous and unpredictable behavior. How would you programmatically determine something like “What could have been the idea of the creator of the formula?”. What about a row inserted before the actual range? Should it also result in adaption of the range? But that’s my personal opinion and I’m not a developer (but I’d assume that tracking status information of “what are adjacent cells of ranges referenced by formulas” would add unmanageable complexity).

Well , if I insert a row before the SUM range I will have to manage if it’s or not part of the SUM (I’m not convinced 100%, but I can accept this), but if I insert a row between SUM total row and SUM cells I think that this new row must be considered part of the SUM.
Obviously this is my opinion and probably is not shared from everyone, but in accounting practices a “Total” figure must include all the above figures: this is a “law”.

I never disagreed that a “Total” figure needs to include all numbers, but it is your responsibility to assure that it is calculated as required. And there are two general approaches to this:

  1. Calculate above numbers (e.g. use: =SUM(A2:A1048576) in cell A1) and you never again will miss a number which needs to be taken into account
  2. Leave always one empty row between row containing Total but include the cell of the empty row within range of SUM(). This way you always insert within range, if you add a row after the last filled one.

See here