Problems with other files after using --headless

I have a batch file that uses scalc in --headless mode to convert a .xlsx file to a .csv file.
This works fine - but opening any other file with scalc causes that file to be opened
(not maximised) - It would appear that using --headless forces scalc to not open maximised
the next time it is used.
Is there some reverse --headless parameter I can use in this case ??

AFAIK if you run a commandline like soffice --convert-to … … , there is no need for an --headless -switch so should try without.
But first check your taskmanager if there is some soffice process left?

That would be a bug.

My batch is as follows:
@Echo off
::“C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\scalc.exe” --headless --convert-to csv “C:!MyStuff!PowerShopAA.xlsx”
“C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe” --convert-to csv “C:!MyStuff!PowerShopAA.xlsx”
start /MAX “C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\scalc.exe” “C:!MyStuff!PowerShop2023.ods”

SO - Before I run the batch I open the 2023.ods which opens fullscreen.
Close the .ods & run the batch which converts some other .xlsx to a .csv and then opens
the same 2023.ods which NOW opens in reduced window (not full screen).

I ‘can’ make it full screen and close it which corrects the problem so that opening it again
it comes up full screen.

Why does ANY .ods or .csv or whatever open in a reduced window AFTER I have run
a convert to csv - that’s where the problem lies.

Changing the scalc --headless to soffice made no difference.

Thanks to both who replied.

Bug seems to be submitted as tdf#154713.