Processing of dates from sdbc:flat connection

Good Afternoon,
I am making a connection to various CSV files:

Function getScriptForgeDictionary() As Variant
	if not GlobalScope.BasicLibraries.isLibraryLoaded("ScriptForge") Then
	End If
	getScriptForgeDictionary= CreateScriptService("Dictionary")
End Function

Sub getSdbcFlatFileConnection(fileLoc As String) 
Dim sURL$
Dim myDict As Variant
	myDict= getScriptForgeDictionary()
	With myDict
		.Add("Extension", "csv")
		.Add("HeaderLine", True)
		.Add("FieldDelimiter", "	")
		.Add("StringDelimiter", """")
		oParms = .ConvertToPropertyValues()
	End With 
    sURL="sdbc:flat:" &  fileLoc
    csvCon= getConnectionWithUserInfo(sURL,	oParms)
End sub

The CSV files have date that follow MM/DD/YYYY format as well M/D/YYYY format. The SQL I am using looks something like this:

SELECT concat(year(""Date""),'-',month(""Date""),'-',dayofmonth(""Date""), ' ', ""Time"") as W_HYD_WLVL_DT.... FROM SAMPLE_TABLE_NAME

The end result is that I get date result like this:


Is there some kind of parameter I can use during connection that can accept the MM/DD/YYYY or M/D/YYYY format?

Tools>Options>LanguageSettings>Languages>Locale should be something English but not US English in order to interprete D/M/Y dates.

Thank you. Works perfectly.