Protect data from a Libreoffice Base table

Hi Guys, it is possible to protect data from a Libreoffice Base table. I know I can protect them using MySQL Workbench (users and privileges), however, it is possible to copy the data through Libreoffice Calc (by adding to the data source). I tried to use the table filters, however, I can’t hide only some tables (either all are hidden or all are seen, I don’t know if it’s an error in my Libreoffice). What can I do?

Operating system: Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa base: Ubuntu 20.04 focal Database used: Built-in Firebird Version LO:


Please note your specific LO version, OS and database used for each question. It is not proper to make others search through past posts (if any) to try and find this information.

It is not clear as to just what is wanted. You can, using macros, load information to Calc from Base. Registering the Base file opens to other modules (Writer, Calc, etc.) the same access as from Base itself.

Please provide more information of what you want to accomplish.

In addition to @Ratslinger:

You can easily copy your system information, see:

How to find out the version number information for LibreOffice?


First, your LO base file does allow you to hide tables. Tested with your Amostra.odb file. The problem with that is they can be turned on/off by anyone. Only safe method is through user access rights set in a database.

You still have given no further information of just what you are doing.


Also tested with Firebird embedded and that works also. Another problem with table filtering is that it does not stop access to it through a Query. Back to user access but still don’t know what you are actually doing.

Hi Ratslinger, I have a table with data on pharmacological treatments and diseases. It will be possible to access this data through the forms. However, I wanted to protect this data as much as possible from being distributed or leaked. Each user (nurse) will have the Libreoffice Base document on their computer. So, I thought about hiding the most sensitive tables (personal data and treatments) and showing the others (filter, guidelines etc).

As mentioned by Ratslinger your question is somewhat ambiguous and lacks basic info. Please state you setup for any question, e.g. Win10 LO 7.1 HSQL 2.51. This is because solutions vary depending on your config.

Now I understand you want to prevent unauthorised access to table data.
Under Win10 LO .1 HSQL 2.51 you can hide individual tables via Tools, Tablefilter,

image description

Furthermore in a split db you can enforce login authentication by setting the password required option.

Now they can go to Calc

image description

but they can not access the table without password. Now as said above this works on Win10 LO .1 HSQL 2.51 and may be different in your setup.

It’s something like that I need. My Libreoffice Base does not allow me to hide some tables. I don’t know why.

I have the same problem. Using the native MySQL connector (v1.0.2) I have not found a way to display just ONE single schema (database) created in MySQL Workbench (version 8.0.22) in a Base MySQL connection in Mac OS Catalina. Unfortunately all available SCHEMAS including sys are displayed. I notice that the answer given by Ratslinger in this post where Tools->Table Filter… is used to hide unwanted schemas does not work on my setup either. Can a sub-set of available schemas be linked with a given user in MySQL Workbench, I wonder? (I haven’t found a way to do that either).

See my comment above. Not a solution (sorry), but I think it is relevant. It looks like it might be a problem with the native MySQL connector?


The database for this question is Firebird embedded (recently added info) and my tests show no issue with hiding.

As for your situation, there have been problems with the MySQL Native connector (it is actually a MariaDB connector) but I do not see this situation reported in Bugzilla.

Did test same using JDBC and there is no issue (LO v7.1.4.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.2). Problem is somewhere dealing with the Native connector.


It is usually better describe what you are doing than to ask how to do something - xy problem

With Firebird embedded database I see no problem hiding/revealing tables - Start:

image description

Remove one table:

image description

Then Refresh tables:

image description

Table not visible:

image description

But the problem is then accessing the table through a form:

Now based on your description of what you are trying to accomplish, even establishing user access will not prevent accessing data. You either stop them from seeing information or you don’t. If it is on a form they can see it. For that you need to get into securing the hardware.


That is also where a View becomes handy. It can limit what users can see - server environment where access is controlled.