Pycalendar add-on

Hello. I wish you good health and good spirits.

I added pycalendar-4-0-1.oxt to LibreOffice Calc. It shows up just fine in the menu Tools > Add-ons.

I have opened a brand-new spreadsheet and selected Tools > Add-ons > Calendar… Nothing happens.

So, how does one use this add-on?

Thank you.

Hello @Catlike,

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I have tested this a while back on an older LO version → Calc field Pop down calendar

As I don’t need this it was removed but I just tried using LO v6.1.0.3 on Mint 18.3:

image description

Worked from menu - Tools->Add-Ons->Calendar. Ctrl & Shift & F2 also worked.

Make sure you close everything LO related after installing this before attempting to use.

how to set a different shortcut, e.g. Alt + D ?