Recover corrupt document

Hi. When I went to open a document of some 23 pages, I got the following message.

An error occurred during opening the file. This may be caused by incorrect file contents.
The error details are:
SAXException: [word/document.xml line 2]: Opening and ending tag mismatch: rPr line 0 and ins

Proceeding with import may cause data loss or corruption, and application may become unstable or crash.

Do you want to ignore the error and attempt to continue loading the file?

The first time, I unfortunately selected “Yes,” and then found about 16 pages of a 23 page document missing.

When I tried again and opened but clicked “No” when asked to ignore the error, I received this:

File format error found at
SAXParseException: '[word/document.xml line 2]: Opening and ending tag mismatch: rPr line 0 and ins
', Stream ‘word/document.xml’, Line 2, Column 217943(row,col).

I separated out the xml file, but seem to be having trouble recovering the data using an online tutorial. (This is definitely beyond my typical skill set.)

Can anyone help? I’m attaching the
Chuva_de_papel_sample_3-march 14 -Martha edits-EB.docx (106.9 KB)
doc here.

Chuva_de_papel_sample_3-march 14 -Martha edits-EB.docx (106.2 KB)

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Dear Mike,

Thank you so very much for this! You saved me time, but most of all, terrible stress.

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