Recovery bug

Hi. I was using libreoffice writer (Unbuntu 13.something, most recent) to write text and this morning when I started it it asked me if I wanted to recover the documents. Yesterday I saved normally before closing out and shutting down without incident, but puzzled I clicked “Recover” anyway. It reverted my work not to when I saved or even an old autosave from yesterday but a version that was several days old! I lost a significant amount of work. The really odd thing is I saved practically obsessively after every major idea so it would make no sense that it would go that far back.

Is there any way I can recover my work? Why did this happen?

EDIT: There is nothing under “File->Versions”

I did not know about the automatic backup feature - thanks, I have enabled it for future reference.

Maybe helpul:

Have a look at this answer by @mariosv – also related my answer here.